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Why Emerging Market Equities are a Good Investment
Investopedia / Mark Eicker
24 FEB 2017

The race to the bottom has been long and painful. Central Banks have been fighting against each other to deflate their currencies faster than the rest of the world, hoping to export goods at deflated prices.

How Investors Can Prepare for a Bear Market in Bonds
Investopedia / Mark Eicker
07 FEB 2017

Most fixed-income investors are not prepared for a bond bear market and the implications of rising interest rates. Who can blame them?

Critical Currency Consideration
ETF Trends / John Nance
13 OCT 2015
We are currently in a big U.S. dollar currency cycle, with the greenback strengthening against a foreign currencies after years of falling behind…

Why The Next 10% Move in U.S. Stocks Is Higher, Not Lower
Forbes / Mark Eicker
13 JUL 2015

Rather than a 10% correction, I believe we will have robust growth and double-digit U.S. equity performance during the second half of 2015…

Three Possible Fed Rate Hike Scenarios and ETFs To Trade Them
Forbes / Mark Eicker
17 MAR 2015

The anticipation over the Federal Reserve hiking interest rates has reached a fever pitch, with investors beginning to reshuffle assets in preparation of a rising interest rate cycle…

Investing In A Strong Dollar World
Forbes / Mark Eicker
09 FEB 2015

The U.S. Commerce Department reported last Thursday that the trade deficit rose 17.1% to $46.6 billion, the highest level since November 2012…

Bonds Wouldn’t Be The Only Winners If 10-Year Yield Drops To 1%
Forbes / Mark Eicker
17 DEC 2014

Jeffrey Gundlach, co-founder of DoubleLine Capital, a $60 billion fixed-income investment firm, last week said that if oil slides to $40 per barrel, the yield on the 10-year U.S. Treasury note could drop to 1%…

Insights from Mark Eicker / Shauna O’Brien
9 DEC 2014

We recently spoke with Mark Eicker – the Chief Investment Officer of Sterling Global Strategies. In the interview, he commented on the ALPS/Sterling ETF Tactical Rotation (ETRAX), as well as his firm’s investment strategies…

Ride the Right Horses Into the Bull Market’s Final Stretch
Forbes / Mark Eicker
7 NOV 2014

“And away they go” is the well-known PA announcement heard at the beginning of every horse race in Del Mar, California. However, we often realize that the fastest horse doesn’t always win the race…